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Save $100 on the last outdoor Christmas lights you’ll ever need

Hanging Christmas Lights

I love Christmas lights — and that’s coming from a guy who grew up celebrating Chanukah. But because my own family enjoys both holidays, I know all too well the hassle that is putting up and taking down those accursed strings.

It’s dangerous, too: According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, some 5,800 people are injured annually from ‘falls associated with holiday decorations.’

Stop the madness! There’s a better option, one that does require a permanent installation and a hefty initial investment. But it could be worth it if you want the fun and festivity of holiday lights without the neck-breaking risks. It’s called EverLights, and I’ve got a deal for you.

For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get an EverLights Starter Bundle for $300 with coupon code everlights25. That’s $100 off the regular price.

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EverLights are app-controlled LEDs designed to be installed once and left up year-round. They’re also designed to be nearly invisible, so you won’t have to hear from pesky neighbors: ‘Um, hey, Bob, it’s March — isn’t it time you took your lights down?’ Because they won’t even know they’re still up!

Hanging Christmas Lights

This is a full-on smart-home product. The EverLights app lets you control just about everything: brightness, colors, patterns and scheduling. Needless to say, the lights aren’t limited to Christmas duty: You can make them blue and white for Chanukah, orange for Halloween, red for Valentine’s Day, your team’s colors during big games and so on.

The kit includes everything you need to get started, not the least of which is a 25-foot EverLights string (which gives you 33 total LEDs). You can expand as needed, but be prepared for some additional sticker-shock: Each additional 25-foot clear string costs $150.

You also need to be fairly handy, as there’s definitely some installation work ahead of you. You could also call in a professional — EverLights makes it easy to find installers in your area.

As I said, this solution requires some investment. But if you’re willing to make it, you can solve one of the holiday’s biggest (and most dangerous) recurring hassles.


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