‘Lupanar’ Installation Where Water Flows to the Infinite

Interactive installation Lupanar (2015) was shown for the first time at ‘Interstice #10’ in Caen, and has been traveling the world since then. Before it was planned where water flows and embraces the space, French digital artist Nicolas Tourte first imagined dust carried by turbulence of hot air towards the volume heights.

The work of Tourte questions with humor and derision the place of man in the universe. It mainly deals with cycles, repetition and the concept of virtual. It starts with the dilettante and extensive analysis of the land in which it travels. During his travels, in the ordinary, he collects anecdotes, still and animated images.

It portrays the cycles and invisible mechanisms that govern our lives. Part of these representations is like impulsive notes, unconfessed ready-mades, ideas that he hastens to immortalize to pass to others. The rest slumbers, waiting, in what could be a pool, a bank of food and visual resources that will carry its dividends in the inframince of a chance encounter.


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