Escape New York’s Madness and Enter Samara Golden’s Surreal World


Los Angeles-based artist Samara Golden creates immersive installations that explore what she calls the sixth dimension, where a multitude of pasts, presents, and futures exist concurrently.

For The Flat Side of the Knife, Golden presents her largest installation to date, filling the double-height of MoMA PS1’s Duplex Gallery with staircases, beds, couches, lamps, musical instruments, video, and sound.

The Flat Side of the Knife combines physical spaces with illusory spaces that appear only in mirrors, reflecting what the artist refers to as “layers of consciousness,” akin to psychological and hallucinatory spaces in the mind. Her use of mirrors in conjunction with sculptural elements made from a silvery insulation board, allows the illusion of space to expand in multiple directions; suggesting adjacent rooms that do not actually exist.

This massive installation is currently on view at Moma PS1 and will be up until August 2015, so be sure to stop in and take a walk into Golden’s surreal world when in need of a little escape.





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